Skylight Accessories for Your Home

Every room in your house surely has varying purposes. The daylight that enters its spaces can impact how well those rooms’ purposes are realized. For example, a young girl’s room should be well-lit while she’s doing her crafts early in the morning but must be dimmed down during the afternoon so that she can take a nap.

Moreover, at night, the room may have a lighting add-on for easier nighttime navigation. Thankfully, with our innovative collection of skylight equipment and accessories, you may already experience the utmost functionality for your house and its spaces. Our solar daylighting system can brighten every room of your house according to its use or function. Here are some of our daylighting accessories:

Light add-on

During these trying times, most employees are already working from home. Some of those work-from-home employees work at night; thus, they have to keep their room well-lit during nighttime and dimmed during the daytime to experience uninterrupted sleep. With this add-on kit, you can keep your room bright with a switched light’s convenience. Offering a stylish and neat all-in-one solution, this kit can reduce your need for 2 ceiling fixtures. It can also be matched with our ventilation kit.

Ventilation Kit

Laundry rooms and bathrooms are susceptible to high levels of humidity. With our ventilation accessory kit, you will be provided with both the convenience of daylight and ventilation, making your bathroom and laundry room less suffocating and humid. Moreover, this innovative laundry room and bathroom ventilation kit can fully integrate into your daylighting system, providing a stylish and neat solution for ventilating and brightening your rooms.

Solar Daylight Dimmer

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need the same amount of light inside your house throughout the day. You surely need more light during the late afternoon when you’re at the peak of your paperwork than when you’re about to brush your teeth downstairs to prepare for sleep. Thus, we proudly present this solar-powered dimmer that allows you to control how much brightness you want for your indoor spaces.

Effect Lens

This lens can adjust the daylight that penetrates your indoor spaces and provides options to warm or soften the light’s color. Moreover, it enhances daylight by softening the brightness, creating a spectrum of color that’s similar to some incandescent bulbs.