Tubular Skylights

Have you visited our main page and wish to learn more about the functions of tubular skylights? If yes, you can find out more of that here.

Our team of experts has allowed the competencies of our products to outperform others. With our applied technology, we created a ninety-nine percent reflective material for tubular skylights and a tracking reflector.

These materials can also give double lighting outputs at low sunlight angles just when users need them the most. Knowing this, it is high time to enjoy your summer even without having to burn your skin due to excessive heat. The excessive glazing layers can reduce heat and can also decrease the light output during winter.

Thankfully, our team of experts has formulated and released a series of equipment that utilizes exclusive and patented INFRARED reduction technology that draws the sun’s heat away from products before it can enter your house. Nevertheless, the amount of brightness (maximum) will still be retained.

Aside from that, you can also transform your indoor spaces with our efficient skylights. Extraordinary and functional spaces in your home should be filled with natural light. With our equipment and accessories, brightening up these spaces has been made possible. We promote simple, hassle-free, and affordable installation while assuring optimal performance.