Utilizing Solar Power to Manage Daylight

Suppose you want to control further and manage the amount of natural light coming into your interior spaces. In that case, Envi Solar’s Solar-Powered Light Dimmer Technology can actually allow you to do these things. Specifically, it enables you to adjust the natural light’s brightness that is coming through the skylights.

The new and enhanced Solar-Powered Light Dimmer isn’t just an ordinary tool, but it is a more efficient option compared to other standard electric dimmers. These units will also allow users to shift from light to dark and dark to light or any amount of brightness in between.

Moreover, it can be controlled through a remote device and can operate a baffle design that closes and opens at the touch of a button. You can effortlessly change a brilliantly illuminated space into a darker, more relaxing room ambience which can be ideal for movie marathons.

This technology also allows homeowners to experience the luxury of having complete control over their living spaces’ lighting and having energy-efficient systems inside their rooms. Because electric wirings aren’t required for the installation of this technology, you no longer have to consult and ask for help from an electrician.

Aside from the above-mentioned examples, here are other reasons why you should consider incorporating superior light control into your living spaces.

  • Tubular skylights can double the natural light output even at low-angle sunlight.
  • Our Daylight Dimming technology offers hassle-free operation. At the touch of a button, you can start and end your day anytime you want. Too much and too little brightness will not hinder you from accomplishing your daily tasks.
  • Superior illumination can make electric light bulbs unnecessary during the daytime.
  • Generally speaking, our light controlling technology is not just eco-friendly but is also energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Envi Solar’s tubular skylights are one of the most popular Australian products as customers have been experiencing and acknowledging our efficiency, integrity, and competency for decades now. Our four to five-star ratings prove how environmentally friendly, durable, and energy-efficient our units are compared to traditional systems. So, if you are ready to feel the benefits of our solar-powered products, contact Envi Solar and authorized dealers today!