Cost Comparison for Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights vary in appearance, style, efficacy, and functionality. With that, they also have varying prices. And because we want to meet our valued customers’ needs satisfactorily, we will give them an idea as to what tubular skylight fits their budget and preference the best; below are some price comparisons for different tubular skylights.

Economic Skylight Range ($150-$450)

The economic skylight range is a kind of tubular skylight that can only be used for limited applications. This is available in two hundred fifty millimeters and four hundred millimeters. It has a low and clear profile dome and is made of duct tubes.

Moreover, it is manufactured by Envi Solar itself but can be customized for leak-proof performance. However, this kind of tubular skylight can’t offer much durability and light performance. Priced at one hundred fifty to four hundred fifty dollars, this skylight is best for budget-conscious customers.


Heavenly Tube Skylight ($450-$850)

This premium-performing tubular skylight is available in two hundred fifty millimeters and four hundred millimeters diameter. Priced at four hundred fifty to eight hundred fifty dollars, this is quite an affordable option for homeowners who want to upgrade their daylighting system.

It is high-performing, especially during summer and warm seasons. However, performance may decline due to the several glazing layers. Thus, it may poorly function during winter. Nevertheless, it has an optical improved clear dome and is directly manufactured and distributed by Envi Solar.

It is ninety-five to ninety-eight percent reflective, which implies it has a mirror-like anodized tube. Its ceiling fixture is slim and modern. In terms of energy efficiency, it has a unique triple-glazed option available (may still reduce light output).

Brighten Up Tubular Skylight ($850-$1400)

Among the three tubular skylight items, this has the most efficient and highest performance. It produces brighter light in a more extended time period. You can even make use of this the entire day. Like other units, it is also available in two hundred fifty millimeters and four hundred millimeters in diameter; but bigger commercial sizes are also available.

Moreover, the quality of the tube material, ceiling fixture, roof flashing, and dome will always speak on behalf of its costliness. You can indeed get plenty of advantages for an $850 to $1400 tubular skylight range. It maximizes the spread of its light with the country’s widest range of stylistic ceiling accessories.