Square Skylights

At Envi Solar, we acknowledge the fact that our valued customers may be searching for the crisp and clean lines of a stylistic square skylight. Thankfully, we can offer that even without compromising functionality and performance. One of the most efficient ways to trap natural sunlight and transport it into the interiors of your home is by a tube.

With our new square skylight stylistic fixtures, you can utilize the technological benefits of the world’s latest tubular skylight and convert it into a spectacular square finish. In that way, we can prove to our valued customers how experts are capable of inventing high-performing equipment and decorative ones.

In here, you actually have the choice to purchase a clean, square, and stylistic ceiling fixture without compromising your room’s functionality. You may already lighten up any of your rooms with this gorgeous look. Allowing daylight into your home’s darkrooms will improve the appearance and ambiance of your home.

Moreover, another major benefit of utilizing a light-up skylight from Envi Solar is that we’re able to give equal light outputs as traditional skylights. With that, it gives us the opportunity to excel in performance and overcome several issues that bugger traditional skylights face, such as broken domes, leaks, hassle installation, heat transfer, low light outputs, and reverse heating cycles.